If You Love Bananas, See These 10 Facts – Some Of Them Are Shocking, Especially No. 6

The banana is maybe the most beneficial food. As it is tropical food it is rich in vitamins and minerals , it is amazingly tasty , and it improves your health.

The bananas have many medical uses and advantages and if you consume bananas you can easily fight against :
Morning sickness
Kidney cancer
Therefore, the best ten things considering bananas and eating them are these:
1. Better digestion
The banana contains diet fibers which normalizes digestion and fights against constipation allowing regular bowel movement.
2. Control on blood sugar
Levels of glucose in the blood are normalized by the banana. It is useful for Diabeticians, sufferers from depression, PMS and change in mood.
3. No calcium deficit
This fruit prevents the body from losing calcium and it boosts mineral processes for strengthening bones and teeth too.
4. You get smarter
As a result of its abundance of potassium, it boosts brain processes and therefore you get better cognition and concentration.
5. Prevention of kidney cancer
Because the banana helps in the absorption of calcium and stops the formation of kidney stones, they also prevent kidney cancer. They help for the density of teeth and bones and for their overall health.
6. Anemia fighting
The fruit is rich in iron and thus it prevents anemia.
7. Increased energy
The consummation of banana each day gives the needed energy to your organism . So prepare for the gym and take one banana.
8. Protection from stroke and heart attack
Its richness in sodium and potassium is beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system.
9. Fighting depression
The bananas contain tryptophan which converts into serotonin rapidly and it improves mood.
10. Reduced inflammation
In the end, the vitamin B6 in the bananas soothes inflammation in joints and also cures diabetes 2. Moreover, it is good for leucocytes and the nervous system .

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