Stop Torturing Yourself With Diets: 5 Signs That Your Current Weight Is Perfect For You

Sometimes, when you stop losing weight, despite being on a diet, might be a sign that you need to exercise more. However, it’s possible that your body is sending you signals that It’s happy and it feels great at the current condition.

The 5 things that you should consider in order to determine whether you are pointlessly torturing yourself are the following:

1.You wouldn’t be happy if you should put extra effort in losing weight

“When you drastically reduce the calories or you exercise too much, the hormones change, in order to maintain better the body”, says the dietitian Jennifer McDaniel.

“The body intensifies the production of the hunger hormones as well as the ghrelin, which increases your desire for food. The stress hormones, such as cortisol, are going to rise as well. You probably will feel weak and tired, “explains the surgeon Caroline Cederquist.

Besides, your additional effort won’t have any effect. The two hours a day spent for exercising will just take from your time for hanging out with family or for sleeping, and the feeling of hunger will cause you laziness.

“If you are in a bad mood or you have the feeling that you miss the pleasures of life, it probably means that your weight loss plan is not good,” concludes McDaniel.

  1. You have no health issues related to your weight

The experts advise us to look the entire image of ourselves before making a weight limit. It’s important to take in consideration the other factors that are related to health, not just the waist size.

Pay attention to the cholesterol levels, the blood pressure, and the blood sugar level. If a doctor has told you that all of these are fine, then you have a “healthy” weight, despite the fact that it may not be your wanted weight.

  1. Physically you feel good

Since you already know that you are meeting the important health parameters, related to the proper weight, thing about how you feel.

Despite the fact that you may not stop dreaming about the ideal weight, and you work on it, ask yourself if you have enough energy for all the activities and trainings, which may make you feel exhausted.

Those are much important parameters for your general health than the flat stomach.

  1. You are very close to the ideal weight

If the strength exercises are part of your weight loss routine, by now you probably have gained a bit of muscles, which is great! However, since the muscle weights more than the fat, you need to raise the weight limit.

According to McDaniel, “The overall goal in losing weight is minimizing the loss of muscle.”

Beside burning calories, the muscles help in providing enough energy for the regular activities during the day. Moreover, if you reduce too much calories, with the intention to lose weight, you may not get enough proteins to maintain the muscles.

  1. You need a team of experts to help you get the desired weight

It’s not a secret that as we grow old our metabolism slows down, which makes harder to lose weight.

“Many times, when I ask my clients when was the last time they has their ”ideal “ weight, they tell me it was in high school, the wedding day,” reveals McDaniel. It is possible to get that weight.” But the amount of effort and energy to achieve and to keep, may not be sustainable. ”

However, if you think that you need a personal nutritionist, personal trainer or training with intensive daily exercises, so that you are able to once again wear those jeans you wore while you were at the university, maybe it’s time to turn your wishes into action.

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