What Happens When You Mix Apples, Carrots and Beets. This Juice Helps In Many Different Diseases

All the vegetables have a wide range of health benefits, but when they are combined with others they are able to prevent and cure different diseases and conditions.

The ancient cultures have been using fruits and vegetables to develop a medicine. However, numerous recipes and techniques are still used today. The combination of vegetables and fruits acts as a foresight agent and it brings together numerous vitamins and nutrients.
Here’s what the amazing combination between beet, apples and carrot is able to do for your health:

Acts as a hepatitis protector
The beverage removes chemicals, waste and toxins from the liver, it also increases the red blood cells production and purifies the blood.
Strengthens the lungs and heart
The presence of beta carotene and lutein in beet and carrot can protect the heart, reduce cholesterol levels, and boost your lung health.
It favors the eyes
This mixture of vegetables and fruits prevents eye irritation and fatigue and it significantly boosts the health of your eyes, thanks to the vitamins that are present in the carrot.

Prevents Cancer
The huge amounts of antioxidants of this shake improve the quality of the life of those persons who suffer from cancer – it actually relieves the lung cancer.

Protects the organs
This vitamin bomb is going to provide the essential antioxidants and nutrients to your organs and on that way keep them healthy. This combination is mostly effective for your lungs, heart, pancreas and liver. It boosts the bowel movement, prevents ulcers, prevents constipation and boosts the digestive system.

Boosts the brain function
The large amounts of antioxidants and nutrients in its content boost the cognitive ability and the memory, making our brain work on the proper way.

Improves quality of the skin 
This combination delays the effects of premature aging and it also removes stains and pimples from the face, because of its antioxidant and cleansing effect. You will significantly improve your skin health by consuming one glass of this amazing beverage every day.
Menstrual Pain
This drink is also ideal for treating the menstrual cramps and discomfort.
Here is the RECIPE

150 ml of water
1 carrot
1 beet
1 green apple

The preparation:
The preparation of this juice (smoothie) is very simple. You just have to wash and put the ingredients in a blender or juicer and mix it well. Consume it half an hour before the breakfast so that you can allow all these nutrients to be incorporated without interrupting the body in any way.

Consuming this smoothie in the morning is going to provide large amounts of nutrients to your body and it will make you feel energized and alert!

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