Lemon-Soda Drink: A Cyanide to Cancer Cells. Here is how to make it with 2 Simple Ingredients!

The relationship between an acidic body and illness has long been established. Even science backs up this theory. It was proven that acidic pH values are the major cause of many diseases.
If our cells are constantly exposed to an acidic environment, this will lead to acidosis! According to scientific researches, more than 150 degenerative diseases are caused by high acid levels in the body. We have to be informed what acidity and alkalinity in order to protect our overall health.
One of the main reasons why acidosis is more common in our society is result of common American diet. An acidic body destroys its own cells, weakens immune system and tends to age fast. Due to this condition, our body has to borrow essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium from vital organs and bones in order to neutralize the acid and safely remove it from the body. This can be cause for many health diseases if they are not discovered for years.
We have a recipe for tasty and simple homemade drink that contains onlu three ingredients. This natural drink it is said to be capable of preventing and fighting cancer. Consume food that creates alkaline environment but also include in your diet Lemon-Soda drink. Very easy and efficient way to keep the pH environment alkaline.


Lemon-Soda Drink A Cyanide to Cancer Cells. Here is how to make it with 2 Simple Ingredients!
Lemon Soda Drink Recipe
For this drink, you will need below ingredients:
• One cup of pure, filtered water
• Juice of half a freshly squeezed organic lemon
• ½ teaspoon pure sodium bicarbonate (not baking soda)
This Lemon-Soda drink keeps the pH levels normal and gives ccancer no chance to survive in such conditions.
“To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit center. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to their reality.
Healthy and cost efficient, not to forget that it has no side effect. Drink it and protect your body from harmful diseases.